WHO Says It Will Develop Coronavirus Vaccine in 18 Months

by Helen Gonzales
WHO Says It Will Develop Coronavirus Vaccine in 18 Months

On Tuesday, the WHO has announced that it expects to have a vaccine for the new strain of coronavirus within one-and-a-half years. So until the agency develops the anti-dot other nations will have to manage what they already have in their hands. WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the advancement of vaccines and remedies is one essential part of the research program. He added it is not only a single part. As per the executive, it would take time to mature, but it does not mean they are defenseless. Tedros noted that they aim to build an anti-dote for coronavirus in 18 months. Thus, researchers have to do all things using the existing arms to fight against the virus.

Recently, the World Health Organization has declared the novel strain of coronavirus as a global health emergency. Having around 99% of instances in China it remains a threat for that nation. As per Tedros, the virus is one that secures a very dangerous threat for the entire world. Before this, the virus had a provisional name of 2019-nCoV, an acute respiratory illness. On Tuesday, the global health agency has named the so-called novel strain of coronavirus, COVID-19. Tedros noted co resembles corona; vi is for virus and d stands for the disease. Besides, 19 indicates the year it has emerged, as officials had first identified the virus on 31st December 2019.

The WHO chief said they had selected the name to prevent citations to a particular territorial region, community, or animal species following international guidelines for naming intended to avoid stigmatization. Tedros also said still many unknown aspects are obstructing researchers from obtaining a breakthrough. Well, it is difficult to accept as true that the virus has spread across more than 23 countries. Even more, the strain has captivated the attention of financial markets, media, and political leaders. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of NIH’s NIAID, said a primary trial of the vaccine would probably start in April.

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