Venus Was Probably Habitable, Billions of Years Ago, Scientists Surmise

by Ernest Thomas
Venus Was Probably Habitable, Billions of Years Ago, Scientists Surmise

Scientists across the globe are seeking whether Mars ever had life over it. For now, Earth is the only planet in the solar system which hosts life. Although, a new study states that Venus, at some point, was a livable planet. Scientists say Venus may have been a moderate planet having liquid water for a few billion years. Notably, a striking change had re-surfaced more than half of the planet. The study presented at a joint conference between the European Planetary Science Congress and the Division for Planetary Sciences reveals Venus likely had a well-balanced temperature.

Michael Way from NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Science is the leading author of the research. As per Michael, their research offers the latest insight into Venus’ ancient climate. He says their study hints for the life-hosting potential of exoplanets present in equivalent orbits. The scientist surmises an intense event is liable for the planet’s conversion into present-day devastating hot-house from an Earth-like planet. This study offered by Michael and his team relies on two already available pieces of research and papers. It also depends on documents, namely, topographies and modeling virtualized Venus-like worlds.

Thus Michael and his co-worker Anthony Genio, have developed a set of five simulations. It includes the assumption of different water levels on the neighboring planet. Among all the five schemas, they have found that Venus adequately maintained persistent temperatures between minimum around 20 degrees Celsius and maximum around 50 degrees Celsius. But a series of events, around 700-750 million years ago, resulted in the emission of carbon dioxide present in the rocks. Apart from this, they have compared Venus’ previous topography with that of the Earth. Before this, many studies have suggested Venus did not have liquid water due to its nearness to the Sun. Researchers often surmise that Venus is further away from the inner boundary of the habitable zone of our Solar System. But the new study barrages those findings.

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