Vaping-Related Lung Disease Pass 2,500 Cases Across the U.S., CDC Warns

by Helen Gonzales
Vaping-Related Lung Disease Pass 2,500 Cases Across the U.S., CDC Warns

The latest reports from the US CDC reveal the number of deaths due to vaping has surpassed 50. Besides this, the epidemic of lung-related illnesses has topped 2,500 cases across the U.S. Meanwhile, the number of people visiting ER rooms due to vaping-related diseases has declined these days. The new records, published on Thursday, reveal that most of the patients have used products containing THC. According to the CDC, the cases were reported in all fifty states, including the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. Notably, federal officials have confirmed fifty-four deaths across 27 states.

A previous report from the CDC had revealed over 2,400 cases of lung injury ties to vaping. After that, the agency decided to exclude patients not admitted to hospitals. Thus, in the latest report, the CDC has eliminated 175 non-hospitalized patients from the report. As per the most recent findings, the average age of people experiencing vaping-related lung illness is 52 years. Even more, the diseased patients belong to age group 17-75. The CDC said health executives are investigating for more cases, if any. Besides this, data indicates the devastating epidemic of lung diseases might have soared in mid of September. Still, states continue to notify regarding new cases and demises to the CDC every week.

For now, the FDA and CDC suggest people not use vaping products, which consist of THC. E-cigarettes also contain vitamin E acetate, which acts as a thickener. Meanwhile, many researchers have linked the element to lung damages. Not only that, but scientists are also exploring a wide range of substances and products likely to harm. Investigators also note that THC-containing vaping products available in the black market play a significant role in spreading EVALI. The CDC-named EVALI is an abbreviation for e-cigarette or vaping product use-associated lung injury.

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