Vaping Epidemic That Might End with Two Failed Lungs Is Concerning Trump Government

by Helen Gonzales
Vaping Epidemic That Might End with Two Failed Lungs Is Concerning Trump Government

On Wednesday, the U.S. President said the FDA might take strong action to deal with the increasing use of flavored e-cigarettes. Alex Azar, the Health and Human Services Secretary, along with Mr. Trump, Melania Trump, and FDA commissioner have announced the news. Reportedly, the newly established enforcement scheme would force companies to drag away flavored e-cigarette products from the shelves. Azar said it would take a few weeks for them to release the complete guidelines that will include all the aspects of the enforcement policy. As per the executive, the government may order to remove all flavored e-cigarette products except tobacco flavor from the market. Azar noted e-cigarette manufacturers have an opportunity to file for an FDA-approval until May 2020. He added the companies could not market their product until and unless they gain permission from the federal agency.

On the other hand, experts have warned concerning the move to ban flavored vaping products in the UK. They surmise smokers could turn back towards more harmful tobacco due to the ban on flavored e-cigarettes. Apart from this, Public Health England (PHE) has responded to Trump government’s policy to wipeout flavorings in the US. As per the agency, those flavors have assisted smokers in diverting from tobacco smoking. PHE’s head of tobacco control Martin Dockrell said the health agency intends to release an in-depth review report on the safety of e-cigs. The detailed analysis might arrive in the upcoming year.

The ongoing vaping epidemic has trapped children, along with the young generation. A teenager in Illinois says his vaping habit has led to hospitalization with major lung damage. Now the teen is struggling for life. Recently, the CDC has announced 380 cases of mysterious lung-illness. Even more, officials say the cases are a result of excessive vaping. The teenager is among the group of people across the US who have contracted mysterious breathing disease. Till date, the illness has taken the lives of six people from six different states. Vaping may be less harmful than smoking; still, it is dangerous. So the government’s effort to ban flavored e-cigarette products might assist it in combatting the vaping epidemic.

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