Vaping Epidemic Linked to a Mysterious Lung Disease Has Affected 380 People Across 36 States

by Helen Gonzales
Vaping Epidemic Linked to a Mysterious Lung Disease Has Affected 380 People Across 36 States

On Thursday, the CDC has announced diagnosis of 380 cases of mysterious, vaping-related lung disease. Besides, the figure includes both probable and confirmed cases. Thus the American health officials have narrowed their inquiry of the illness. As per the CDC, the vaping epidemic has an influence over three-dozens of states along with the U.S. Virgin Islands. The e-cigarette use has resulted in the death of a minimum of six people, from various regions. Reportedly, the death cases have occurred in Indiana, Oregon, California, Minnesota, Illinois, and Kansas.

In the previous week, the health agency had announced there exists more than 450 probably cases of lung disease. Now it has revealed a value of 380 confirmed and potential cases. Even more, the CDC has decided it will no more publish data on less certain cases. The epidemic has increased surveillance of vaping and forced lawmakers to impose a strict ordinance of e-cigarettes. Even the American President is seeking to regulate e-cigs by taking firm measures. President Donald Trump said his government would move ahead to wipe out flavored e-cigarettes from the market.

According to doctors, lipoid pneumonia is liable for the death of six people. It is a particular type of pneumonia which emerges when oil gets into the lungs. Officials have noted that recently the disease has led to the death of a 50-year-old Kansas’ man who had primary health concerns. But many of the cases have taken place in healthy youngsters having vaping addiction. Most of the patients have reported the use of e-cigs possessing elements like marijuana, nicotine, or THC.

An incident manager with the CDC Dr. Dana Meaney-Delman said before this, e-cigs were seen as the primary way to prevent lung disease. She noted while the probe is in progress, the health agency has recommended the public to stop using those battery-powered vaporizers. Currently, the CDC is arranging a multistate inquiry into the cases together with a special unit from the Council for State and Territorial Epidemiologists. It also aims to build tools for gathering data along with a database to collect essential patient data. Even more, the CDC is partnering with the FDA to compile data about vaping in victims. It often intends to scrutinize the compounds or chemicals within those vaping products.

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