Vaping E-cigs Once Can Damage Blood Vessels and Respiratory System, Study Finds

by Helen Gonzales
Vaping E-cigs Once Can Damage Blood Vessels and Respiratory System, Study Finds

Many studies and real-life examples have revealed the disadvantages of smoking. The smoke released by burning tobacco might result in fatal diseases like cancer. Nowadays, people have adopted e-cigarette vaping to opt-out smoking; still, the risk exists. A new study hints the nicotine-free e-cigarettes are unsafe. Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine have carried out the research. During the trial, they have found that chemicals present in e-liquids transform into toxic particles due to heat. Scientists note the poisonous particles affect the body along with damaging blood vessels.

Their results arrive in a disturbing bunch of lung diseases in patients who vape regularly. Besides, the results are the same for all people who smoke, whether they use nicotine-based e-cigs, cannabis, or anything else. Thus the recently-published study in the journal Radiology reveals even temporary vaping can have a massive impact on blood vessels of healthy people. The trial notes the results are the same also if they vape pod does not consist of nicotine. The scientists have studied 31 people during the clinical trial. Besides, those fit candidates belonged to an average age group of 24 years. The candidates were advised to take sixteen vaping sessions of three seconds each. The team monitored participants while inhaling a disposable e-cig.

For the analysis, the scientists had used an ePuffer containing flavored e-cig liquid without nicotine. After that, scientists asked the participants to have MRI scans. As a result, they have found fall in blood circulation in the candidate’s femoral artery. Even more, the MRI reports have revealed a lack of oxygen in the blood, i.e., there existed only 20% of oxygen. Study’s leading author,  Dr. Alessandra Caporalesaid people often surmise e-cigs are not harmful and they are breathing-in only water vapor. But Alessandra notes the solutions, additives, and flavoring agents in the liquid base results in multiple damages to blood vessels and the respiratory system. The study concludes while warning youngsters not to start vaping e-cigarettes. Scientists note, if a single use of an e-cigarette can have such impact, they what it could result in after vaping regularly for years.

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