Using cross-functional teams to develop a product’s value story

by Stephen Riddle

Tanya Brinsden, senior VP of operations at ICON Global Medical Communications and Pubs Hub, Jessica Cherian, VP of content and strategic services at ICON Market Access and Reimbursement, and Béranger Lueza, principal Health Economics (HE) at ICON Global Health Economics, Outcomes Research and Epidemiology (GHEORE), discuss how essential a data-driven strategy is to successfully communicate a brand’s value proposition in a competitive market.

The market access and reimbursement team, Global Health Economics Outcomes Research and Epidemiology team, and medical communications team are three groups within ICON’s commercial solutions division that offer integrated solutions to pharma and biotech clients to demonstrate the value of their products for accelerated market access and product adoption.

“We show how companies can leverage and create efficiencies from the full scope of available data obtainable within each of its teams, whether medical affairs, market access, or GHEORE,” says Cherian.

Preparing for a product launch should start at least 24 months prior to the anticipated approval date as the amount of data to collect, navigate, and determine how to use, is enormous. According to Cherian, having cross-functional teams under one roof that focus on identifying the right data to collect and how to optimise its use can streamline and expedite processes.

Though the market access team, GHEORE team, and scientific data team are separate, they can work cross-functionally with one another and consult with each other for input or reach out for expertise as needed.

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