Use of Contaminated Skin Cream Resulted in Semi-Comatose Condition of a Woman

by Helen Gonzales
Use of Contaminated Skin Cream Resulted in Semi-Comatose Condition of a Woman

Everyone likes and wishes to look beautiful. Sometimes people become crazy about their looks and adopt dangerous ways to look lovely and charming. There are various beauty products across the market which claim to offer good looks and other benefits. Besides, their marketing practices capture the human mind. As a result, public blindly accepts that those beauty products are helpful and adopt them. Some products often offer benefits, but the case is not the same for all. On Tuesday, Northern California’s health officials have issued a public warning regarding skin cream. An imported skin cream has left a woman, in Sacramento, in an unconscious state.

Reportedly, officials have found a high concentration of mercury in the cream holding label of Pond’s anti-wrinkle skin cream. The beauty product imported from Mexico has prompted the national health department to issue a warning to the public. Now the affected woman has been hospitalized for mercury poisoning. The patient’s son said his mother could not speak, get up, or walk. The methylmercury present in the skin cream is liable for the woman’s current health condition. The compound, methylmercury, forms when bacteria react with inorganic mercury present in plants, water, or soil. Besides, it works as a poison for the central nervous system. As per the statement, the lady had bought a bottle of Pond’s anti-wrinkle skin cream via a private network which imported the cream from Mexico.

Officials note the manufacturer of cream, Pond’s, has not added mercury. Even more, they surmise it is a work of a third party who had added mercury in the pack after purchase. Currently, the county and state public health officials are working together to check whether similar creams exist in the region. The public health officer of the county Dr. Olivia Kasirye has warned the community to stop using similar Mexico-imported skin products citing the risk of methylmercury contamination. Reportedly, 60 Californians have faced poisoning due to such imported and unlabeled skin creams over the past decade.

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