Unlocking the potential of connected commercialisation solutions

by Stephen Riddle

It is no secret that today’s post-pandemic healthcare landscape in the UK is very different to its pre-pandemic counterpart. Driven by necessity, COVID-19 accelerated reforms that had long languished on the sidelines of healthcare agendas in the UK, ushering in a new way of working for both the NHS and UK life sciences industry on an unprecedented scale.

NHS priorities have changed amid workforce and capacity issues, technological innovations and the growing influence of Integrated Care Systems (ICSs). For life science companies, it is more important than ever to understand the market access landscape they are launching in and review how commercial and engagement strategies align with the needs of today’s customers.

Preparing a cross-functional strategy with aligned priorities, activities, and recommendations across commercial, medical, and market access teams is essential if companies are to successfully cut through the noise of the modern healthcare market and connect with healthcare professionals. With connected solutions that link the priorities of each team, companies can optimise their engagement with the NHS, and ultimately ensure that patients are able to benefit from their products.

Here, IQVIA’s head of commercial effectiveness Martin Fox, head of strategic market access, Steve Ferguson, engagement lead global CSMS, Elizabeth Murray, and patient and market access solution lead, Stephen How discuss the need to align value propositions with NHS priorities, the importance of connected solutions and cross-functional teams in commercialisation, and how companies can maximise marketing efforts to connect with decision-makers.

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