Presence of Unapproved Drug Ingredients in Diet Supplements

by Ernest Thomas
Unapproved Drug Ingredients in Diet Supplements

Almost close to 800 diet supplements were sold over the counter starting from the year 2007 till the year 2016. Now, all those contained unapproved drug ingredients. This is found out through a new analysis carried out by the US Food and Drug Administration. The study showed more than one unapproved pharmaceutical ingredient was found in 20% of these supplements. The presence of prescription medicines means that these supplements are all unapproved drugs, which could be harmful to the health of users. The study was led by Madhu Kumar of the California Department of Public Health and Drug Branch. He said that these products carry the potential to cause severe adverse health effects due to accidental misuse, overuse or interaction with other medicines.

The study noted that more than 50% of adults use dietary supplements. Kumar along with his co-authors reviewed the CDER database of all those tainted products of FDA. They all were marketed as Dietary Supplements, through the period between 2007 and 2016. The database is on their website as a resource for consumers. It also helps to increase transparency along with public knowledge. The researchers conducted a completely independent analysis, without having any kind of influence from the FDA. It was in the year 2009 when the greatest number of products was found containing hidden ingredients. Even from the year 2012 to 2016, 443 of the total 776 products were reported.

The spokeswoman of FDA, Lindsay Haake wrote in an email that the FDA recognizes the seriousness of the problem. They will continue to act within its jurisdiction and powers to solve this problem in the best possible manner. The primary objective of the agency is to lower down any kind of risk that they pose to public health. They will do so by informing consumers about the kind of dangers linked with the product. The agency will look to work accordingly to remove the products from the market as soon as possible.

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