UN Says that New-born Babies in Congo are Getting Infected by Ebola

by Stephen Riddle
UN Says that New-born Babies in Congo are Getting Infected by Ebola

The World Health Organization says that the newest cases of Ebola are turning out to be a cause for concern in the midst of the ongoing outbreak in Congo. This is more so due to the reason for the kind of people, who are getting affected, i.e. babies. The health agency reported through a published update this week that there are 36 absolutely fresh and confirmed cases of Ebola. Out of these, 7 have occurred in new-born babies and in infants who are younger than 2 years old. Moreover, six cases also got reported in children in the age bracket of 2 and 17 years and one had even affected a pregnant woman.

Ebola generally infects adults as they are most prone towards getting exposed to this lethal virus. There have been reports of a few cases of this disease in babies. Infected body fluids are known as the typical cause for the spread of Ebola. World Health Organization made a note that health centres have also been identified as a source through which Ebola can be transmitted, especially out of the injections of medications. WHO has considered this current epidemic in Congo to be complex as well as challenging. The health ministry of Congo has said that there are 346 confirmed cases, which include 175 deaths. This has indeed become the worst ever outbreak of Ebola in the country’s history.

The outbreak has suffered continuous problems in the form of security, with the rebels living in districts attacking the health workers, where there has been the spread of this virus. Earlier in this month, the containment operations of this disease were halted after the killing of 12 soldiers of Congo and 7 peacekeepers of the United Nations. The increasing amount of cases only goes to show that outbreak responders are facing major problems in stopping the spread of the virus in health clinics. They are also having trouble in convincing people to seek help when they come up with the symptoms. The World Health Organization said that the risk of outbreak getting spread to countries close by, is very high but they have not imposed any kind of restrictions related to travel.

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