Typhus Outbreak Is Reaching Epidemic Levels in LA Areas

by Ernest Thomas
Typhus Outbreak

Some areas in Los Angeles are now facing a serious threat, as the impact of a Typhus outbreak is going to a new level. According to the latest reports, the outbreak is going to a level that it can be called an epidemic in the area. It should be noted that the disease is spread via fleas and it has become so tough to control the growth of the spreading recently. Although the case of typhus is not common in the area, numbers are very high in this year, particularly this season. The Health Department is taking the right precautions to take care of the same.

In the span of the last two months, the city of Pasadena had seen twenty cases of the same disease. Compared to the yearly count of five cases, the number is very high and alarming for the officials. Other cities are also noted for the higher numbers than the average. For instance, in one of the California cities, 12 cases were reported in 2018 alone, making it go beyond the system average. Coming to the Los Angeles County, things are worse since the areas have reported eight cases of typhus. According to the standards for classifying the diseases, it means that the typhus outbreak is an epidemic.

While the disease is being spread via fleas, there are many sources like the domestic animals in the area. As per the statements released by the health departments, residents have to take the right precautions to stay away from the disease. There are many other arguments regarding the source of the disease. One of those claims is that the increasing population of the homeless community is a major reason for the same and that actions should be taken in order to fix this. The health department says that it is pouring all the resources to meet the requirements for fixing this.

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