Think global, act local: rethinking commercialisation models

by Stephen Riddle

The global market for life sciences is changing rapidly. Fuelled by technological advancements and a global pandemic, there are more opportunities than ever for companies to get innovative and life-saving therapies to the patients that need them.

But when it comes to marketing new therapies, the seemingly complex nature of global markets can be intimidating, with regulatory, cultural and language insight required to commercialise a brand image across different markets. Traditional launch models have reinforced this perception of complexity, most notably across the European Union, as companies have to seek out multiple siloed and fragmented partnerships to access the correct information and infrastructure before they have even entered a market.

In reality, global markets have a lot in common. But to identify and tap into budding opportunities, life science companies must rebuild their understanding of commercialisation to reflect the changing market landscape.

As EVERSANA™ executive vice president, EMEA Mike Ryan explains, “There is a lot of opportunity for companies to effectively replicate a commercial infrastructure that’s reusable time and time again to effectively create all of the infrastructure necessary to commercialise across a maximum number of markets.”

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