The Harvest Moon Will Flash Tonight in the Sky

by Ernest Thomas
The Harvest Moon Will Flash Tonight in the Sky

Another full moon event is on the edge for which stargazers across the world wait eagerly. Today’s moon is the Harvest Moon which resembles the starting of the autumnal Equinox or fall. Our natural satellite will be at the most distant point in its orbit present around the Earth. Because of this enormous distance, we will see a smaller and dim moon in the night sky. If we compare both aspects, i.e., brightness and size, with a super moon, today’s moon will look 14% small and 30% less bright. The harvest moon event is opposite of a super moon. It is an event when a full moon matches up with the closest point in its path around our planet. Whereas, in case of the harvest moon, the moon is at the farthest point in the orbit.

What’s unique in today’s event is its Friday and a full moon night. It happens only one time in thirteen years that its Friday on a full moon night. Besides, the date is 13th of the month. Notably, the event will not take place in the upcoming 13 years. After today’s harvest moon night, the next would be after May 2033. In other words, it requires thirteen years for the moon to reach the farthest point in the orbit in which it revolves around the Earth. Even more, it is an event which lessens the period between the sunset and the moonrise. According to NASA, in most of the regions of the northern US, it requires about 25 minutes for a harvest moon to rise after the sunsets.

As per the Farmers’ Almanac, the moon will flash at a different time in various regions. People residing across Central and Mountain time zones and the Pacific will see the full moon before midnight. Besides, for the Eastern time zone, it will happen right after midnight. Reportedly, the upcoming few nights, i.e., September 12th to 14th, the night sky will light up with a full moon. All people across the globe will have the opportunity to see the Harvest Moon but on varying days. All in all, the best time to gaze the rare event relies on the time zone.

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