Thai Doctors Are Treating Coronavirus Patients with a Combination Drug

by Stephen Riddle
Thai Doctors Are Treating Coronavirus Patients with a Combination Drug

Reportedly, Thailand has seen a ray of hope after curing a coronavirus patient with a combination of two antibiotics. Usually, doctors use these two medicines to treat HIV and flu, but this time both are offering promising results for treating the 2019-nCoV virus. Doctors have experimented with the medication on a patient in a severe condition suffering from the disease. Notably, after one-and-a-half-day, they have declared the patient as disease-free. On Sunday, Thai doctors from Rajavithi Hospital, Bangkok, reported a new prototype in coronavirus treatment. Reportedly, the medication has assisted doctors to improve the state of many patients under their vigilance. The group of patients also includes a 70-year-old woman from Wuhan; China diagnosed positive for the coronavirus.

Dr. Kriengsak Attipornwanich from the facility said the lab report of positive on the 2019-nCoV virus turned negative within 48 hours. He added the 70-year-old lady at a critical stage could now sit up in bed after 12 hours. Kriengsak said the doctors have had mixed the oseltamivir, the anti-flu drug with ritonavir and lopinavir, anti-biotics used in the treatment of HIV. He added the ministry was expecting research reports to verify the discovery. Kriengsak also said that it is not the remedy, but the patient’s condition has significantly improved.  According to the doctor, the perspective seems good, but they still have to work more to find whether it can be a standard cure.

On the other hand, Chinese health executives have already been monitoring the flu and HIV treating drugs to combat coronavirus. Thai doctors said the combination of trio seems to enhance the treatment. Till now, Thailand has reported a diagnosis of coronavirus in 19 people. Among the overall Thai patients, eight have recovered from the condition, while 11 are still under observation at the hospital. Reportedly, one of the two patients, undergoing the same approach, have revealed some allergic response. Somsak Akkslim, Medical Service Department’s director-general, said they have had followed international customs. According to the executive, one of the experts had increased the dosage of one of the medicine. Somsak also noted the health ministry would gather to talk over the successful prototype in the case of the older lady. Maybe, they will soon permit the prototype to treat all cases.

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