Targeted agents and immunotherapies

by Stephen Riddle

Targeted agents and immunotherapies are two of the most promising areas for significant advancements in cancer treatment. Envision Pharma’s scientific solutions division lead Rebecca Goldstein, discusses this topic and other developments that cancer patients and their loved ones should be paying attention to.

People with cancer and their caregivers have long been active participants in discussions of how they are treated, but in the current digital information age, it is becoming more common for patients to self-advocate for the latest advancements in therapy. With so many active research areas in oncology, patients and their loved ones can easily be overwhelmed by information and not know where to direct their attention.

According to Envision Pharma’s Rebecca Goldstein, the developments in cancer treatment for patients to watch are those that build upon the two most revolutionary treatment advances we already have: targeted agents and immunotherapy. Oncogenic driver mutations are being found more quickly and targeted more effectively through new technology, and the first wave of immunotherapies are being improved upon by combining them either with other immunotherapies or with the standard of care.

Developments to watch
Cancer patients and their loved ones can easily get overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices available. As Rebecca Goldstein says, “The fact is we have a lot of really active drugs in cancer right now. We have drugs that work really well, we have drugs that can cure cancer, we have surgeries that can cure cancer.”

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