Surgical Treatment for Clogged Arteries Is Often Needless, Study Claims

by Stephen Riddle
Surgical Treatment for Clogged Arteries Is Often Needless, Study Claims

Cardiovascular diseases, including blocked arteries, come with a risk of heart attack or mortality. Many times, experts suggest patients undergo cardiac procedures and surgeries like bypass surgery. On the other hand, nonprescription drugs, along with low blood pressure medicine and low-cholesterol-diet, are popular measures that lessen the risk of heart attack for patients with different heart conditions. Still, experts often suggest a surgical process to enhance blood flow. Many times, doctors conduct an open-heart surgery or a bypass to divert blockages, for improving circulation and lessening pain.

Now, the latest federal research is challenging decades-long medical perception in the case of heart surgeries. The study pinpoints that threatening heart surgeries may be unnecessary as they may not decrease the risk of heart attacks. Researchers claim it could be less painful for people, with high but steady heart disease from blocked arteries, if they get therapy to enhance blood flow. They say taking medicines is not enough, as it won’t reduce the risk of heart attacks. Notably, the study has discovered patients who opted for drug treatment, with no surgical procedure, for clogged arteries did not have heart attacks than those who underwent surgery.

The clinical trial, entitled – International Study of Comparative Health Effectiveness With Medical and Invasive Approaches, included more than 5,000 people. According to the study, about 17 million Americans have blocked arteries, which affects the blood supply to their heart and results in recurring chest pain. The trial includes analysis of patients for an average of three-and-a-half years. Besides, it is the first-ever trial to consider current medicinal treatments. New York University’s Dr. Judith Hochman has co-led the study; she is a senior associate dean of clinical sciences at NYU’s Langone Health. She said for non-urgent cases, the study reveals there’s no need to hurry for risky tests and surgeries.

According to researchers, moving ahead with such ways might be harmful sometimes. Also, they have noticed patients who had an operation were more probably to undergo a heart disorder. Even more, they have found higher mortality risk in operated patients that those cured with medicines only. It is not the first research to reveal the overuse of implants and bypasses. As noted above, the latest finding object medical certainty and questions some of the standard practices in heart care. It is the most powerful proof yet that hundreds of thousands of expensive heart surgeries every year are needless or early for people with stable disease.

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