Study Says Weekend Catch-Up Sleep Can Increase Waistline and Affect Health

by Helen Gonzales
Weekend Sleep

A new study, published in journal Current Biology on Thursday, said that people who go for extra sleep in the weekend can have a higher risk of gaining weight and diseases like diabetes. The people, who feel that they couldn’t complete their sleep in the weekdays, usually love sleeping on the weekends. However, there could be risky, as per a new study. Kenneth Wright, a senior author of the paper, said that common behavior of people to work hard in the weekdays and try to make it up on the weekend isn’t a healthy lifestyle. For this study, they looked at 36 healthy adults of the ages between 18 and 39 and studied their sleeping habits.

This group was divided into three- the first one was made to sleep for nine hours a night for the consecutive nine days; the second one was made to sleep only for five hours a night for nine days; the third group was made to sleep for five hours a night for five days and in the weekend, they were allowed to sleep as much as required. The 2 groups which were sleep-deprived at the night time, faced weight gain and their insulin sensitivity declined. It was a warning sign of diabetes. The other group which was allowed the weekend recovery saw a bit of improvement in their health in the weekend but as they resumed back to their restricted schedules of sleep.

As per Kenneth Wright, this phenomenon is called social jetlag. When the sleep-wake cycle of people is disturbed, which is also called the circadian rhythm, otherwise, social jetlag occurs in people. It is related to health issues like obesity, diabetes, etc. There are hormones called ghrelin and leptin in our body. One of these hormones increases the appetite and the other is associated with satiety. When people don’t have proper sleep, then these hormones get imbalanced; which cause further health issues. Deprivation of sleep also leads to poor impulse control.

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