Study Finds That Most Of The Parents Still Rely On Old Myths Avoid Getting Colds

by Helen Gonzales
Old Myths Avoid Getting Colds

There are many things which parents and no one can stop them, one of them is relying on old myths to cure cold or fever. There are many pieces of advice our ancestors have given to us and those are now passed on the new generation by our parents. According to the new study it’s been found that many parents still use the old advice given to them by their grandparent to prevent the cold. This study shows that 7 out of 10 parents are most likely to pass their old way of solving problems to their small children. Such as many parents will their children to not go out with wet hair and surprisingly many children follow this nonscientific advice.

This study was done by the researchers from C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in Michigan, in which more than 1000 parents were selected randomly and asked questions relating to how they solve common problems like cold or fever. However, many parents found to be giving some good scientific advice also to their children like washing hands, not meeting with those who have got cold or always covering your mouth while sneezing. But more than fifty percent of the surveyed parents still like to old fashion solutions, and thus many implement them on their children also.

One of the researchers of this case study said that she is not surprised to see that so many parents actually follow old myths when it comes to preventing cold. It seems like many people like to go old fashion ways when they want to keep themselves healthy and one can say that there are still some people who don’t follow that much internet and modern stuff.

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