Study Finds Early Exposure to Household Cleaning Agents May Lead to Asthma in Toddlers

by Helen Gonzales
Study Finds Early Exposure to Household Cleaning Agents May Lead to Asthma in Toddlers

A new trial from the CHILD Cohort Study from Canada reveals that everyday exposure to common house cleaning agents can raise chances of developing asthma in a kid. Asthma has become one of the most common chronic illnesses. A study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal has revealed that young babies having more exposure to cleaning products were at a greater risk of developing a cough. Even more, the babies also diagnosed with asthma at the age of three years. Study’s leading scientist, Dr. Tim Takaro, said most available proofs connecting asthma to the use of cleaning agents arrive from assessment in grownups. He added their study has focused on infants, who usually spend around 90% of a day at home. Thus, infants are particularly more vulnerable to chemicals. Even more, harmful chemicals may enter into the infant’s body through skin and lungs because of greater respiration rates.

Apart from this, an infant’s consistent contact with the surfaces at the household raises the chances of chemical exposures. The researchers also suggest that the harmful compounds may change the bacterial microbiome of a child. Scientists have conducted the trial, depending on the questionnaire filled by parents. They have assessed the children two times, firstly at the infancy and secondly at the age of three to four years. For evaluation, the researchers have focused on various issues related to breathing, including other common reasons for allergies. The scientists have also considered the medical history of participants’ parents. The assessments include household income, history of asthma, pets in the house, and smoking. Even more, they have considered dampness or visible mold in the house.

Scientists say the big takeout of the research is that the first few months of an infant’s life are crucial. At the time, the evolution of the respiratory and immune system of a baby takes place. Thus, researchers have suggested determining harmful exposures during the early stages of life. Even more, they note essential measures can be taken to avoid chronic diseases like asthma.

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