Stressed Mum-To-Be Have Very Little Chance of Having a Baby Boy, Scientists Say

by Helen Gonzales
Stressed Mum-To-Be Have Very Little Chance of Having a Baby Boy, Scientists Say

Almost every woman wishes to have a baby. It may seem fascinating, but in reality, it is a challenging task. There are various aspects which a mum-to-be has to keep in view starting from month 1 of the pregnancy. She has to be tension-free and happy in those days. Today I have got a study which has revealed a surprising link between pregnancy, stress, and having a baby boy. As per a finding, published on Monday, mum-to-be who go through mental or physical stress during pregnancy are less probable to have a boy. Even more, it increases the chances of the premature birth of a baby. Catherine Monk is the leading author of the study published in the journal the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. She is a director of women’s mental health in obstetrician/gynecologist at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center.

According to Monk, Womb is an influential first home. Males sperm consists of X and Y chromosomes. Monk noted males, i.e., Y chromosomes are weak and more vulnerable in the uterus, and likely the stress in these women is of a long-term nature. As per nature’s rule, it promises the birth of 105 boys for every 100 female births. But in the latest study, women who had high BP, along with other signs of physical stress, had the birth ratio 4:9. It means the lady had a probability of having four boys for every nine female babies. Whereas, a woman who had psychological stress had a ratio of 2:3. Notably, all the women had healthy pregnancies.

During the trial, researchers have monitored 187 pregnant women, age between 18-45. The study aimed to know the impact of maternal pre-natal stress on the baby’s brain development and birth results. Now it seems like there is a fall in male childbirths. Monk said other studies have noticed this prototype of a reduction in male births has ties to social disruptions, like terrorist attacks. Even more, pregnant ladies who had physical pressure were also more probable have a pre-mature delivery of a child. Researchers said the more social support mum-to-be gains, the more the probability she has of having a baby boy.

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