SpaceX Dragon Capsule Successfully Completed its Third-Time Return Journey from ISS to Earth

by Ernest Thomas
SpaceX Dragon Capsule Successfully Completed its Third-Time Return Journey from ISS to Earth

On Tuesday, SpaceX Dragon Capsule has plunged into the Pacific Ocean. It is a third time; the ship has completed a successful round trip from the Earth to the ISS. The space vehicle had been docked at NASA’s orbiting lab since the end of July. It has become the first such space vehicle to do the three-time ride. Even more, SpaceX aims to prepare more re-usable and cost-saving spaceflights. Thus it renovates and re-flies the capsules after recovering it from the ocean water. NASA uses SpaceX’s Dragon Capsule to transport experiment materials, supplies, and more to and from the ISS. It is the eighteenth cargo delivery mission of SpaceX for NASA following a commercial cargo agreement.

The ISS’ robotic arm had released the autonomous Dragon Capsule at 10:59 a.m. EDT. Later, it splashed down in the Pacific Ocean around 483km southwest of Long Beach, California at 04:20 p.m. EDT. At the time, a SpaceX recovery ship well-prepared to catch the Dragon had retrieved it from the sea. As per reports, the Hawthorne, a Californian company, will take the capsule to the coast and deploy the cargo to NASA. Currently, the capsule has got over a ton of science gear and other experiments for us. It also contains outcomes of the trials, which NASA ground-staff will now inspect and analyze.

While departing from the Earth, Dragon had carried more than 2.5 US tons of stuff to the orbiting lab. Reportedly, more than half of the cargo included research and science assignments. The center of attraction of the return journey is a small robot, CIMON (the Crew Interactive Mobile Companion). It has also come back after months-long AI experiments to verify its use as a partner of an astronaut. Apart from this, onboard are materials from a broad array of scientific tests. It includes some apparatus to study whether astronauts are vulnerable to diseases like Parkinson or Alzheimer.

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