SpaceX Aims to Land Starship on the Lunar Surface in 2022

by Ernest Thomas
SpaceX Aims to Land Starship on the Lunar Surface in 2022

Gwynne Shotwell, SpaceX President and COO, has briefed schemes for its two advance programs during a recent shareholder meeting. The executive has offered the estimate when the company’s next-generation rocket will fly people. Shotwell also had a word on relay of the internet from Starlink, SpaceX’s giant satellite network, which consists of 30,000 satellites. Reportedly, SpaceX is developing several Starship rockets at a time. It seems like the effort has a connection with Elon Musk’s assertive plan to start launching Starship commonly and evidence its reusability like an aircraft.

The private American aerospace manufacturer has brought up more than $1.3 billion in the current year. The company aims to use the funding for the development of both the massive rocket and the Starship. Even more, it would utilize the money for spaceflights to Mars, Moon, as well as Starlink. Even more, Shotwell has noted the company aims to have the potential to drop Starship on Moon’s surface in 2022. She said they intend to place Starship in Earth’s orbit in the upcoming year. For now, the company is concentrating on its Crew Dragon capsule. The future astronaut-carrier is going through a final round of checks before it ferries two American astronauts. Shotwell said the capsule program marks crucial importance for them, as it is their first move towards flying astronauts.

On the other hand, NASA has recently selected SpaceX as one of the companies struggling to assist deployment of payloads to the Moon. This latest selection is also a part of NASA’s hottest mission to return humans to the lunar surface by 2024. In order to achieve the feat to land Starship on the moon, SpaceX has to crush top-level rivals like Sierra Nevada Corp, and Blue Origin. Like other contenders, SpaceX claims a reusable aspect of its rocket. The company says the vehicle will mark a significant discovery in aerospace technology. Even more, SpaceX aims to make space exploration affordable and more reusable. Thus carrying out a successful mission to the lunar surface will mark a progressive step in Musk’s alternative vision. Eventually, Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO, anticipates the company’s Starship could assist in making a first-ever human landing on Mars.

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