Shorter Stature Might Lead to Type 2 Diabetes in Future, Study Says

by Helen Gonzales
Shorter Stature Might Lead to Type 2 Diabetes in Future, Study Says

What if I say height decides the healthiness of your body? Yes, the shorter height you have, the more is the risk of having type 2 diabetes. Various studies across the world reveal the pros and cons of having a tall or short stature. Some trials conclude cancer might develop in tall people, while some hold short height liable for various health concerns. So is a new study, in which scientists claim people with shorter stature are at a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The study published in Diabetologia also reveals people with more height are at lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Even more, scientists claim every 10cm variation in height is linked with a 41% lower risk of diabetes in men. Along with that, 33 is the percentage for women.

Scientists selected more than 2,500 mid-aged candidates in Germany from a large group of around 26,000 people. During the study, they have included aspects like age, education, lifestyle, along with circumference of the waist. The team has measured height relying on two aspects, i.e., leg length and sitting height. The heights ranged from below 169.7 cm to more than 180.9 cm for male candidates. Besides, it ranged less than 157.8 cm to above 168.1 cm for female participants. In the end, scientists have found that for both male and female candidates, the risk of diabetes remained less by more than 30% for every 10 cm gap in height.

The trial also claims that people with shorter height must supervise their health for risk factors of heart diseases. Even more, there is a need to monitor symptoms of diabetes in them. According to Matthias Schulze, leading author of the study, the risk is less in taller people due to less fat content in the liver. Besides, it also relies on other risk factors of diabetes like blood lipids. The authors conclude that their findings pinpoint that short people might have a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases along with the higher risk of diabetes as that of tall people.

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