Scientists Have Come Up With a New Plan to Fight Global Warming

by Ernest Thomas
Scientists Have Come Up With a New Plan to Fight Global Warming

Scientists have found out a new and innovative way through which they can fight the menace of global warming. The technique that they hope to implement is of using chemicals to make Sun’s intensity completely insignificant. Recently the researchers published a study that talks about spraying up huge quantities of particles of sulfate into the lower stratosphere of the Earth. This, they believe would literally make the Sun dim and thus could manage to cut down the effects of the world’s climate change to 50%. It will even be quite cheap.

There is a lot of excitement surrounding this purely hypothetical, extremely uncertain and ambitious plan. Still, the irony is that there are no guarantees to suggest that it will not go on to make the situation even worse than what it is, in a destructive manner. A suspicion revolves around the lack of information related to what could this dimming of the sun do to common people, who depend on it for carrying out their daily activities. Now, instead of all these things, the study basically talked about the potential costs and the technology that will be needed for this plan to take shape. The researchers have discussed a number of potential ways to fulfill this large-scale project, through balloons, planes or only through shooting chemicals in the air with big guns.

Still, there is quite a big problem with this proposal. Presently there is no aircraft that exists, which could actually deliver the kind of payload required for accomplishing this idea. The current version of Falcon Heavy rocket from SpaceX has already got ruled out because of the high cost. The proposal suggests that a launch could get accomplished within a period of 15 years, with an initial expense of close to $3.5 billion. This will be followed by a further running period of 15 years, costing an additional amount of $2.5 billion. The feeling is that the price is quite low keeping in mind the magnitude and importance of the project. There are certain technical drawbacks to the proposal and the most certain one is that, for the plan to be successful, it would need coordination between different countries, which include the United States as well.

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