San Francisco Mayor Declares Public Health Emergency

by Helen Gonzales
San Francisco Mayor Declares Public Health Emergency

On Tuesday, Mayor Breed, a San Francisco Mayor, has announced a state of emergency in the city. The declaration arrives between fears over the ongoing epidemic of coronavirus across the globe. Meanwhile, no instances of coronavirus have emerged in San Francisco. Breed said the global portrait is fluctuating swiftly, and they require to boost preparedness. She added they observe the virus spreading in new regions of the world daily. Even more, they are taking obligatory steps to defend the city from destruction. The latest announcement of the state of emergency will enable city health officials to gather personnel and resources to speed up emergency planning actions. It will also increase the potential to deploy a rapid reply to a probable coronavirus case in the city.

The mayor’s state of emergency permits the city to redirect employees and boost emergency planning. The move comes after a similar statement of Santa Clara County. Well, San Francisco is California’s third-largest city to declare the state of emergency. Before this, San Diego and Santa Clara have announced a public emergency. The statement from Breed arrives between severe warnings from the American health officials over the probabilities of an epidemic of coronavirus nationwide.

Until now, over 77,000 coronavirus instances have been diagnosed in China, which is the origin of the virus. But over 2,000 instances have emerged in other countries. Even more, American health officials have confirmed 57 cases in the US. The count also includes 40 people who had been sent back to the nation from the Diamond Princess cruise liner. On the other hand, some lawmakers have voiced mistrust that the government is taking pretty bold steps to control the risk of the virus spreading in America. Some lawmakers say the $2.5 billion contributions they gained in emergency coronavirus funding remains insufficient. Thus, on Monday, the White House has requested Congress for another $1.25 billion to fight against the virus.

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