Samoa Suspended State of Emergency Citing Lowering Pace of Measles Infection

by Helen Gonzales
Samoa Suspended State of Emergency Citing Lowering Pace of Measles Infection

The Samoa Ministry of Health has lifted the state of emergency from the country after around six weeks. Reportedly, the devastating measles outbreak in Samoa is under control now. To carb the rapidly spreading measles epidemic, the Samoan government had ordered the closure of schools and restricted public gatherings. According to federal reports, as of October, the contagious disease has killed more than 80 people. Finally, on Saturday, the Samoan government has had canceled the public state of emergency. As per the government, it has sanctioned a state of rehabilitation to start instantly, with a scheme anticipated for the Cabinet’s discussion in two weeks. A statement from the Ministry of Health reveals over 5,500 patients since the beginning of the epidemic.

Apart from that, experts have diagnosed around 12 new cases since yesterday. More than 40 people have been hospitalized, including nine seriously ill children and two pregnant ladies. Even more, one measles-diagnosed adult is in ICU. Above all, measles has affected infants, babies, toddlers, and young children at the most. Fortunately, the rate of infection slowed down in the current month because of a vaccination campaign, which has boosted immunization rates around 95%. As per health organizations, this level of immunization is essential to have a group or collective immunity against the disease.

Measles is an air-borne disease that spreads from person to person through sneezing or coughing. Fever and rashes over the body are some of the symptoms of the highly contagious disease. Notably, measles is a vaccine-preventable disease. Currently, the illness is on a global rise and has struck in developed nations like the US and Germany. Meanwhile, anti-vaxxer communities across the globe are liable for the spreading of measles. Some parents are barring to immunize their children due to long-term disproved theories revealing a link between the jab and autism.

In the case of Samoa, low immunization rates were to some extent because of the death of two children in the last year. At the time, the deaths were wrongly assigned to the MMR vaccine. But in reality, the deaths took place due to nurses who had combined the medication with muscle relaxers in place of water. But, the vaccination rate in Samoa rose in the current year and has assisted in controlling the epidemic.

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