Regular MRI of Women with Dense Breast Tissue Could Diagnose Cancer, Study Finds

by Helen Gonzales
Regular MRI of Women with Dense Breast Tissue Could Diagnose Cancer, Study Finds

There are several tests available for diagnosing cancer. Mammography is one of them, which assists in diagnosing breast cancer. But sometimes, the test does not offer proper results in case the patient has exceptionally dense breast tissues. Thus, it could be dangerous to have dense breast tissue as it may raise the risk of breast cancer. Notably, dense tissues seem white on a mammogram, and it is challenging to see through it while reviewing the scan. Whereas, fatty or light-weight tissue appears black; thus, it becomes easy to find cancer tissue among healthy ones.

On the other hand, MRI screening could be another way to diagnose breast cancer. Until now, it was unclear whether MRI screening might spot cancers that mammography cannot. The study, published on Wednesday, in The New England Journal of Medicine, has found a groundbreaking discovery. Scientists have found that after using MRI in the middle of mammography appointments, the women in the study remained half as probably to be diagnosed with interval cancer. It is cancer that takes place between screenings of mammography. Besides, it is detected within 12 months after a mammographic screening. Notably, MRI screening had resulted in a higher rate of false-positive results as that of mammography.

The clinical trial included more than 40,000 Netherlands women having age between 50-75 years. Researchers had divided ladies into two groups, one which received standard screening or another group had additional MRI screening. Notably, all had incredibly dense breast tissue. The scientists have discovered the interval cancer screening rate had remained 2.5 among 1000 tests in the MRI group. Whereas, the mammography-only group had a scale of 5 for every 1,000 screenings. Carla van Gils, a senior author of the study, said, MRI may find breast cancers that grow at a slower pace and never affected health. She added; currently, the scientists are carrying research using mathematical modeling that will assist in predicting probable long-term advantages of MRI screening.

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