Red Wine Consumption Can Offer Health Benefits Including Healthier Gut Bacteria, say Scientists

by Helen Gonzales
Red Wine Consumption Can Offer Health Benefits Including Healthier Gut Bacteria, say Scientists

How often do you have wine and at what amount? Well, I have got good news for red wine lovers who consume it at moderate levels. Scientists from the King’s College London claim the red wine consumption has a bright side. According to a new study, published in the journal Gastroenterology, red wine drinkers have diverse gut microbiota. In other words, it symbolizes good gut health as those who go for different types of drinks like beer or white wine. During the experiment, the scientists have analyzed the impact of those hard drinks on the gut microbiome (GM).

Thus, the study includes outcomes of consuming beer, red and white wine, cider, and spirits. Reportedly, a group of 458 female twins, i.e., 916 women, had participated in the study. Even more, the scientists have also matched their findings with other researches based on more than 1000 people from Netherland along with 904 Americans. During the study, participants were asked to report their diet plans. After that, the researchers had measured the level of candidates guts bacteria in the laboratory. Scientists have found that people who had consumed red wine, once every few weeks, they had a much higher diversity of bacteria in their digestive system. Whereas, the intake of white wine has resulted in lesser but indicative progress. Besides, spirits such as vodka or beer did not have any impact on gut bacteria.

Experts say red wine contains special components called polyphenols, which empower good fungi and bacteria living in the gut. Polyphenols are a type of antioxidant nutrients present in fruits mainly in red grapes. They have also noted that this wine could assist the body to maintain levels of good cholesterol and boost immunity. Even more, the beverage also helps in avoiding obesity. Study’s leading author Dr. Caroline Le Roy has said that they have far-known of the unexplored benefits of the red wine on the heart. She also notes that the latest study reveals red wine’s moderate consumption has a link with healthier gut microbiota.

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