Rapidly Spreading Measles Epidemic in Samoa Affected Thousands, Including 53 Deaths

by Helen Gonzales
Rapidly Spreading Measles Epidemic in Samoa Affected Thousands of People, Including 53 Deaths

On Monday, Samoa’s government has announced the death of another five children due to measles. As of today, the highly contagious disease has killed more than 50. On the other hand, officials are making every effort to immunize the entire citizens. Samoa has announced a national state of emergency in the previous month. At the time, it has ordered to vaccinate all the people residing at the South Pacific island nation. Even more, the Samoan government has shuttered all schools and prohibited children from grouping publicly. Since the end of October, as noted above, the epidemic has killed 53 people. It also includes the death of one adult and two adolescents. While remaining number includes infants, babies, 23 children with age less than 12 months, and 25 aged between 1-4.

The number of measles cases is rising across the globe; it is surging in nations like the US and Germany. The devastating situation is a result of some anti-vaxxer parents, as they deny to immunize their kids for religious or philosophical reasons. The threats of vaccination also include fears, spread by some doctors, that such immunizations could result in autism. Even more, the WHO has cautioned regarding the returning measles epidemics worldwide. Data from the Samoan government has revealed the hospitalization of more than 1,000 people since the starting of the outbreak. Apart from that, up to 180 people are in hospital, among which 19 children are in a critical state.

Above all, the Government claims measles liable for the death of more than 3000 people. More remarkably, 198 new cases have been reported from the past two days. Measles is a highly infectious virus that passes easily via sneezing and coughing. Currently, it has affected other Pacific nations, like Fiji and Tonga. Fortunately, no deaths have been reported in those areas because they have extensive vaccine coverage. For now, Take Naseri, director-general of health, Samoa, is requesting the traditional practitioners and families to visit the hospital before the situation becomes complicated.

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