Poisonous Fumes May Result in Acute Lung Injury and Eventually Death, Research Finds

by Helen Gonzales
Poisonous Fumes May Result in Acute Lung Injury and Eventually Death, Research Finds

The vaping epidemic is rapidly spreading across the U.S. and other countries, resulting in the death of many people. Earlier, experts said a mysterious vaping-related lung illness had taken the lives. Now, a group of doctors at the Mayo Clinic, says poisonous chemical fumes are liable for the vaping-related deaths. They have published their research in The New England Journal of Medicine. It is a first-ever formal study reviewing tissue samples of patients having a strange vaping-related illness. The study highlights the most-recent effort of health officials to know the reason behind the hospitalization of hundreds of people citing lung issues. But the latest reports are extremely different from the previous ones. Even more, the study quashes initial reports that surmised patients’ lungs are getting blocked and damaged due to inhaled oils while vaping.

The Mayo Clinic scientists have analyzed lung biopsies of 17 patients suspected of mysterious vaping illness. Reportedly, the fatal disease has sickened more than 800 people from the past few months. Before this, doctors have said lung-illness is a rare type of pneumonia caused due to the collection of fatty substances, lipids, in lungs. But the latest research has not revealed any proofs of lipoid pneumonia. Dr. Brandon Larson, the leading author of the study, said, it looks like a direct chemical injury. Even more, it is similar to the damage which occurs through exposures to poisonous byproducts, harmful gases, and toxic agents. In short, exposure to poisonous fumes can damage the lungs.

According to the CDC, the vaping disease epidemic has now spread across 46 states along with one territory. Apart from this, public health officials from more than ten states have announced deaths due to the illness. Even more, the CDC has sent more than 100 doctors and inspectors to determine the particular reason behind the fatal disease. Notably, patients suffering from the mysterious lung-related illness experience difficulty in breathing along with chest pains, nausea, diarrhea, etc. The CDC says, most of the patients have notified a habit of vaping and using e-cigs containing THC. Among the 17 patients, involved in the study, 71% had used cannabis and marijuana oils for vaping. As per the research, all of the patients had severe lung disease, and two of them died.

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