Pinterest Will Offer Authentic Vaccine Information to its Users When They Search for Vaccine-Related Context

by Ernest Thomas
Pinterest Will Offer Authentic Vaccine Information to its Users When They Search for Vaccine-Related Context

Pinterest will now offer precise information about vaccines to its visitors. Even more, the social media company will provide data on vaccination safety when users enter a suitable search term. According to the company’s latest update, the platform will emerge with reliable information gathered from different scientific agencies. So if users type terms like measles, dengue, or vaccine safety, Pinterest will offer them authentic information. The project is a part of Pinterest’s efforts to combat the anti-vaccination community and stop spreading of health misinformation. To achieve the aim, the company will collect data from the World Health Organization (WHO), the American Agency of Pediatrics (AAP), the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Even more, it will gain information from the WHO-enabled VSN. It is often referred to as Vaccine Safety Net, which is a network of websites that offer details of vaccine safety in multiple languages.

Ifeoma Ozoma, Pinterest’s public policy and social impact manager, has stated her insight into the latest offering. She says they have noticed an energy gap between those developing and releasing harmful health data and those creating science-based reports. Usually, there’s more available and visually compelling false information than authentic articles on the advantages of vaccines. They have also found that some suppliers of health misinformation get financial rewards. Ozoma also said the health information could affect public health; no matter on which medium it is available.

The feature is already for available Pinterest’s Android and iOS app users. Now, the feature is only available in the English language. The company also notes it will continue to roll out the functionality for other searchers and in more languages. Currently, Pinterest is functioning with science organizations to develop effective, science-based imagery about vaccination. As per the company, it might raise the probability of sharing this useful information. It seems like social media networks and platforms have realized the value of immunization for a healthy society. Apart from Pinterest, many other companies like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook have contributed their efforts to stop misleading information.

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