Pig Heart Can Be Transplanted into Humans in the Upcoming Three Years

by Stephen Riddle
Pig Heart Can Be Transplanted into Humans in the Upcoming Three Years

People across the world prefer donating different organs of their body, including liver, eyes, heart, etc. The number of recipients is more than that of the donor. In the case of heart, there are around 280 people in the UK, waiting for a heart donor. Whereas, scientists across the globe are striving in order to make groundbreaking discoveries in organ transplantation. A leading surgeon claims pig heart could be an option in human heart transplant, which will be achievable in the upcoming three years. Sir Terence English is a prominent surgeon who had performed Britain’s first-ever heart transplant effectively. The surgeon noted his intern would try to swap the human kidney with a pig before year-end.

Sir Terence opines the replacement could open the door for the more complex animal to human organ transplants. Scientists often call the process as xenotransplantation, which includes implanting organs, tissues or live cells from one species to another. Sir Terence said if the xenotransplantation of kidneys leads to an effective outcome, there are chances heart transplant will work. As per the surgeon, the day is not so far when the methodology will offer good results in humans. Sir Terence notes if kidney transplant works, it will also function with a heart. Besides, scientists aim to substitute the stock of human donor organs with those obtained from animals or lab-developed parts. Due to the similarity in size, pig organs could be the best alternative for organ transplantation in human beings.

All in all, the new process will save the lives of people waiting for a donor of the heart. Christopher McGregor, a professor from the University of Alabama, has made two stunning genes which may assist in transplanting pig organs in humans. The professor has served as the senior registrar for Sir Terence for the past four decades. Now Christopher expects his group’s method could benefit a kidney transplant in the upcoming time. They have used advanced gene-editing techniques to alter the organs. Prof. Christopher and the team have tested the modified organs from pigs and monkeys. Still, they have to cross a long distance to transfer those organs in the human body.

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