Paracetamol Consumption During Pregnancy Linked to Behavioral Patterns in Children, Scientists Say

by Stephen Riddle
Paracetamol Consumption During Pregnancy Linked to Behavioral Patterns in Children, Scientists Say

Expecting mums have to take medications during the pregnancy, including painkillers and health supplements. But intake of paracetamol in those nine months could be harmful to the baby. A new study suggests paracetamol consumption leads to hyperactivity and attention concerns in children. Researchers at Bristol University might have conducted a large-scale trial on 14,000 kids. Through the analysis, they aim to know the link between medicine and behavioral concerns. Scientists surmise the use of painkillers by expecting mothers have kids with hyperactive nature and emotional problems. The study, published on Monday in the Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology, includes the impact of paracetamol in pregnancy. It contains children ranging from infants to eleven years.

Experts across the globe recommend paracetamol as a painkiller drug. Even more, it is the only drug safe to use during pregnancy. But the medicine which assists in killing pain could harm the growth of a baby in the womb. Apart from this, the consumption has links with autism, asthma, and infertility. In this study, scientists have used a question bank and scholarly data from another study Bristol’s Children of the ’90s. Besides, they have analyzed the outcomes of the minors’ IQ, treatment, memory, including behavior test. After that, the team noted the frequency of painkillers kids’ mothers had consumed between fourth to eight months of pregnancy. In the end, researchers had compared both information to reveal the fact.

As a result, they have found a causal link between paracetamol consumption and behavioral problems in children. Notably, the impact seems powerful during three years of age of children. But those symptoms lowered after the children’ passed primary school. Girls had a lower effect, whereas boys seemed more vulnerable to the probable patterns of behavior. Thus the study has pushed the latest warning for pregnant women to use a minimal dose of paracetamol and that for less time.

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