Onion and Garlic May Lessen Risk of Developing Breast Cancer in Women, Study Finds

by Helen Gonzales
Onion and Garlic May Lessen Risk of Developing Breast Cancer in Women, Study Finds

There are a number of vegetables and other things worldwide which add taste to our food. Besides, onion and garlic, rich in flavor and strong smell. Experts also call both as superfoods. Chefs often use raw onion for garnishing mouth-watering dishes. But have you ever thought of the health benefits offered by these feisty vegetables? A new study suggests the consumption of raw onion and garlic everyday may lessen a woman’s risk of breast cancer. Researchers have mainly analyzed links between eating garlic and onion and the risk of cancer, including prostate, stomach, and colorectal.

Researchers from two universities, the University of Puerto Rico and the University of Buffalo (UB), have conducted the study. Scientists selected Puerto Rico, a Caribbean island, for trial due to increased rates of diseases in the past few years. The study included more than 600 females from the region, who were offered to eat sofrito. It is an onion-garlic based condiment. After analyzing the eating habits of the candidates, researchers have found eating more than one serving results in 67% fewer chances of cancer development. Although eating the same ingredients in another form did not offer the same health benefits. The latest research has revealed that garlic and onion may offer anti-cancer benefits after consumption.

As per scientists, regular eating of the garlic-onion condiment lowers the rates of having breast cancer. Researchers note women in Puerto Rico eat larger quantities of onion and garlic as that in Europe and the US. The scientists have discovered daily consumption of the total amount of onions and garlic had a connection with the lower risk. The research also highlights various active elements present in onions and garlic that may boost the benefit. Gauri Desai, leading author of the study, said garlic and onions have a higher quantity of compounds like flavonols and organosulfur. While cancer is a fatal disease which is common after menopause, sometimes, it takes place at a young age. Thus waking up early, doing exercise, and maintaining a proper diet might be the key to stay away from diseases.

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