Newly-Discovered At-Home Urine Test Could Transform Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

by Stephen Riddle
Newly-Discovered At-Home Urine Test Could Transform Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Scientists across the globe are working hard to develop new ways of cancer detection. This time, British scientists have invented a home urine test for detecting prostate cancer. Currently, there is no single conclusive test for prostate cancer. Researchers from the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and the University of East Anglia are developing PUR (Prostate Urine Risk) test. If successful, the latest finding could revolutionize the diagnosis of prostate cancer for thousands of people. The new home test kit is convenient as well as more sensitive than existing methods. Besides, it can detect the stage of the disease, i.e., at what level cancer has affected the body. Apart from this, the PUR kit can notify at what point men will require treatment.

The test can be helpful in case of men who are probable to have cancer. It will assist in determining which men have aggressive or intermediate levels of disease. Above all, PUR will screen out those who don’t have it. It would also be suitable and helpful for men at lower risk of the disease, and who are on active surveillance. Or say it could assist patients at the “wait and watch” position. In the case of men under observation, PUR could reduce the frequency of follow-up visits from annually to once every two or three years. The screening needs the first urine of the day for proper functioning. It is because the first sample offers reliable and constant biomarker levels from the prostate as that of other times.

The researchers say, urine samples collected at-home have revealed more clear biomarkers for cancer as that of other methods like rectal examination. Dr. Jeremy Clark, study’s leading researcher, said most of the patients have had favored the at-home test. The team of scientists says their findings could also pave the way towards the advancement of similar tests for bladder and kidney cancer. Reportedly, prostate cancer is one of the most commonly found diseases in UK men. Currently, scientists are uncertain as to what seeds prostate cancer. Some aspects, like being overweight, age, and lack of exercise, are known threats.

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