NASA’s InSights Lander Starts Sending Daily Weather Updates on Earth

by Ernest Thomas

If your friends bet with you that you cannot get daily weather updates from Mars, then you are the winner, because NASA’s InSights Lander has started sending regular weather updates. Now, anyone can check the weather on the mars as the instruments installed on the lander are already relaying the same data on ground control. The information that is supposed to be private for the Mission controllers is now being shared with the public. This is the first time the public will be getting a sneak peek into the weather situation on our red neighbor.

The reports started flowing in from February 11th, with the details like Air Speed, Temperature, Minimum, Average, and Maximum Pressure. Currently, the Lander is at the Elysium Planitia location and sending the data from the area. For example, the lander sent data on Valentine’s Day when the temperature was 4 degrees Fahrenheit or -16 degrees Celsius, a low of -138 degrees Fahrenheit or -95 degrees Celsius. Also, the airspeed on the planet was 36.4 mph and the air pressure of 721.7 pascals.

As of now, the lander is at the Elysium Planitia location, which is near the equator. The area is facing the Maritan winter when the weather activities are intense. The InSights Lander is already sending the meteorological data from the Martian Planet. The lander is equipped with necessary equipment manufactured by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Corell University, and Spain’s Centro de Astrobiología. The material relaying the data is Auxiliary Payload Subsystem which collects the data of all of the details like Sol or Martian days, Air Speed, Temperature and also the Air pressure. The lander is supposed to receive and send data for more than two years so we can get daily weather updates from our Nearest Neighbor.

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