NASA Unveils that Huge Meteor Blasted Through Earth’s Atmosphere in December

by Ernest Thomas
NASA Unveils that Huge Meteor Blasted Through Earth's Atmosphere in December

Meteor showers are a spectacle to watch as the small meteors burning through the atmosphere makes a great show. But, if a big meteor enters the earth, then it would not be the best thing to watch. Today, NASA announced that one such big meteor came through earth’s Atmosphere in December, making a big bright flame. The meteor was so big and made a big bright light, was spotted through the camera of Japanese Himawari Satellite. The meteor was unnoticed till date because it flew and blasted over the Bering Sea, off Russia’s the Kamchatka Peninsula, which is not much-populated area.

This is a once in a while spectacle, as these things happen once in twenty years. The last one was also in Russia six year ago, when the big meteor entered and blasted over the Chelyabinsk region. That meteor made a big bright flame, which lit up the area in the sunlight like brightness. According to the details shared by NASA, the meteor blasted while entering the atmosphere and released the energy ten times than the Hiroshima Bomb blast. Lindley Johnson, planetary defence officer at Nasa, shared more information about this meteor. Lindley noted that the meteor of this size appears only twice or thrice in a hundred years.

NASA claimed that on December 18th, Meteor entered the earth’s atmosphere with the speed of 32 kmph and with the angle of seven degrees. After coming in contact with the outer layer of the atmosphere, it started to heat and blasted into several small pieces. The meteor exploded nearly 25.6 km above earth and had an intensity of 173 kilotons. Most of the military satellites spotted the event from space, and they notified NASA about the same. But the released image is taken from Japanese Himawari satellite, which shows us the incredible details of reentering of the meteor.

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