More than Half of American People Will Become Overweight up to 2030, Study Warns

by Helen Gonzales
More than Half of American People Will Become Overweight up to 2030, Study Warns

Eating habits and the way of living have a massive impact on health and the body. Munching on an improper and unhealthy diet often leads to various health concerns, including heart diseases, obesity, etc. A new study is warning regarding the unhealthy eating habits of Americans. It notes if people continue the same eating trend, over half of the population will face obesity problems in the upcoming decade. What’s more shocking is one out of four people in the US will lie in the severely obese category. It means most Americans will have a BMI greater than 35 and additional weight of more than 100 pounds. Usually, being underweight or normal requires a BMI of less than 25. Besides, a body mass index between 25-30 marks overweight, between 30-35, reveals moderately obese. Lastly, a BMI from 35 or above shows a person is severely obese.

The study, published in the journal NEJM on Wednesday, has revealed a disturbing prognosis. The researchers from George Washington and Harvard universities have led the study. During the trial, the researchers have analyzed more than two decades of self-declared BMI information regarding 6 million US adults. As per Dr. Lawrence Appel from Johns Hopkins University, it is an alarming situation. He added Americans are going to experience some horrible problems, particularly medically and economically, due to obesity.

According to the reports of the CDC, around 40% of American adults are overweight. Citing the difficulties of struggling weight loss the latest finding is distressing news for the healthy future of America. The authors of the trial highlight, around 24% of the population will lie in the range of severely obese people. Apart from this, severely obese will become a more prevalent weight class. It may include 28% of women, more than 30% of low-lying adults, and up to 32% of blacks. The researchers have also stated that obesity will affect around 44 states across the US.

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