Miscarriages Results in Long-Lasting PTSD, Study Finds

by Stephen Riddle
Miscarriage Results in Long-Lasting PTSD, Study Finds

Miscarriages are quite common, and take place in around 10% of pregnancies. Many times, people overlook the psychological impact of miscarriage. But scientists from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium and Imperial College London have discovered the relationship between early abortion and PTSD. Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a psychological condition that is a result of a frightening event. The researchers have found that around one out of five females, who had a miscarriage, experience PTSD several months after that. Lots of ladies who have experienced the pain of a miscarriage have now criticized the inattentiveness they gained from doctors. While sharing particulars of their shocking sufferings, many alleged their distressing loss was so dreadful that it will not ever leave them.

During the trial, women have had shared their frightful stories. Assessments reveal around 250,000 miscarriages take place every year across the UK; it also includes extra-uterine pregnancies. Whereas, there are nearly a million miscarriage cases across the US. The team of researchers says many ladies tolerate quietly because miscarriages remain a secret. According to a new study released in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology reveals outcomes of a pregnancy loss which emerge after nine months. The research suggests 18% of women experienced PTSD, while 17% of them had anxiety. Apart from this, 6% of the females have reported experiencing depression.

Jessica Farren, a gynecologist, and obstetrician at St. Mary Hospital, London, is a leading author of the study. She noted in the first month a miscarriage, 29% of females have reported experiencing indications of PTSD. Even more, 24% had mild to serious anxiety, and 11% of women have reported intense depression. Jessica noted the figures have dropped by the nine-month stamp; the records are still horrifyingly high. As per the Mayo Clinic, many times, women with PTSD have negative perceptions. Sometimes they easily get scared or often detach from family and friends. Jessica said the finding had increased the requirement for greater resources for women who experience a miscarriage; it is not brushed beneath the carpet.

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