Losing Weight After 50 May Cut Risk of Developing Breast Cancer in Women, Study Finds

by Ernest Thomas
Losing Weight After 50 May Cut Risk of Developing Breast Cancer in Women, Study Finds

Many times obesity is at the roots of many diseases, including high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, etc. Notably, overweight women are at a higher risk of getting diseases like breast cancer. It is a fatal disease that is complex to diagnose in the early stages. Losing weight could be a way to avoid such devastating diseases. A new study suggests obese women could reduce their breast cancer risk by nearly one-third by cutting some pounds. Researchers from the American Cancer Society have analyzed data of women aging 50 and above. It highlights women who lose even a little weight after menopause may lessen their risk of emerging breast cancer.

Experts have far ahead warned that obesity raises a women’s probabilities of breast cancer after menopause. But the large scale trial, published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, suggests weight loss can reverse the case. Scientific director for epidemiology research at the American Cancer Society Lauren Teras is the leading author of the study. She said they have discovered that, indeed, females who had reduced weight and maintained it had a lower risk of breast cancer.

Teras’ study included the participation of more than 180,000 women. They analyzed data from 10 different trials for a period of ten years. During the test, the researchers have diagnosed 7,000 cases of breast cancer. They have monitored the weight loss process by measuring candidate weight at the starting, mid, and end of the trial. Authors of the study have also considered other risk factors that can affect obesity and/or the risk of breast cancer. The range includes levels of physical activities and where the candidates were undergoing different therapies like hormone replacement.

In the end, the team has discovered that women who have had lost up to 2 kg of weight and keep it out had a 135 less risk of developing breast cancer. The longer they maintained weight, the higher the evident impact. It is the first-ever study to reveal an association between weight reduction and lessened breast cancer risk. But the cause or impact of being obese and the diagnosis of the disease is unclear. The finding can have massive public health impacts, as around 2 of 3 American women are either fat or overweight.

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