Living in Dark and Cold Places Might Make You Alcoholic

by Helen Gonzales
Living in Dark and Cold Places Might Make You Alcoholic

There are many people in the USA and worldwide who live in dark and cold places. Many people might also love to live at those places but according to a recent study, based on the data of world health organization, it has been found that people who live at those places have a higher chance of getting addicted to alcohol than those who live in sunlight areas.  According to medical researchers, after conducting a scientific research it was concluded that the chances of a person getting addicted to alcohol depend a lot on the environment he is living in, and most of the people who are alcoholic in the USA or rest of the world live at cold and dark places.

Many of the ordinary people think that a person who has got addicted to alcohol must be because of the trauma they are going through, but according to medical scientists, a person gets addicted to alcohol because of the temperature, weather, and the amount of sunlight a person is getting on a daily basis. It has been concluded that a person who lives in a warmer place feels joyful most of the day, and they do not suffer any such problems as compared to those who live in cold spots.  Drinking is connected to depression and many other issues which a person experiences and this is the reason doctors suggest people to live in a warmer place where they will get natural sunlight.

After this study, many health experts are saying that the matter is serious and that the state governments should impose strict regulations on selling of alcohol because many of them think that this type of environment causes teenagers to get addicted to alcohol quickly and due to that they might commit crimes.  However, it will be hard for the state governments to regulate alcohol consumption, but this recent study tells us that the environment in which we are living matters a lot than we think.

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