Latest Images from NASA Reveal Decline of the World’s Thickest Glacier

by Ernest Thomas
Latest Images from NASA Reveal Decline of the World’s Thickest Glacier

Rapidly increasing emissions of greenhouse gases and, ultimately, global warming is affecting our planet severely. As a result, glaciers across the globe are melting fast. The latest imagery from NASA reveals that the world’s thickest glacier has surrendered to the impact of massive climate transformation. The set of images includes the Taku Glacier located in Alaska. Notably, it has started melting for the first time in over seven decades. These images from NASA’s Earth observatory are evident that the glacier has begun declining slowly. The colossal iceberg, which gauges around 4,845 feet thick, was scooping mass for about five decades. But now it seems like getting smaller.

A comparison of photos captured in August 2014 and the same of 2019 demonstrates the icy bases where the glacier and the Taku river meet together. The effort proves the declining of Toku Glacier initially since 1946. Mauri Pelto, the director of the North Cascades Glacier Climate Project and a scientist at Massachusetts’ Nichols College, has explored Toku. As noted above, the glacier grew since the past few decades; it had gained a mass of up to 1 foot every year. Thus Mauri surmised Toku would continue to expand for the upcoming century. But it has widened only between 1946 to 1988. After that, since 1989, the thickening process started slowing down. Eventually, the process of growth had completely stopped from 2013-18.

As per Mauri, the glacier had started revealing noticeable signs of melting. The researcher links this retreating to the largest-ever temperatures in Alaska. He noted many times; glaciers will stop growing for quite a few years before it starts melting. Mauri added, he doesn’t think most of them believed the glacier was going to decline so swiftly. Not only this, Mauri has studied around 250 immense glaciers worldwide for over thirty years. The researcher said Taku was the only glacier that had not started indicating indications of retreating. He added, it is a serious concern as it was the single glacier that had held on.

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