Irritating Alarm Sounds May Make You Feel Groggy, Scientists Claim

by Ernest Thomas
Irritating Alarm Sounds May Make You Feel Groggy, Scientists Claim

Most often, people have a habit of putting on the alarm before going to bed. But many of us feel sleepy when we get up from sleep. Sometimes, we often don’t like to wake-up even if the alarm keeps on playing. Well, that maybe your alarm tone because of which you feel groggy. So it’s better to switch for a new melodic one. According to a new study, a pleasant-sounding alarm like Beach Boys’ Good Vibrations may help you to wake up early. The research pinpoints that the alarm tones could be influencing how sleepy and graceless people fell while waking up. A team of researchers from the RMIT University reveals that setting musical alarm tones can assist lessen morning dizziness.

Stuart McFarlane, leading author of the study, said one could presume that a disturbing beep beep beep alarm would increase awareness. But the research reveals contrary results. According to Stuart, their data has shown that musical alarms play a crucial role. The group of researchers from Australia has assessed around 50 participants by using a specially engineered online survey. The functionality has enabled them to participate in the trial, notably, from home remotely. Every candidate has listed what kind of sound they have had used to get up. After that, they have also rated for the alertness or sleepiness levels against the criteria of sleep inertia. It is a disabled state of the brain present instantly after waking up.

The researchers said the finding might assist in contributing to the framework of more effective intrusions for people to utilize on their devices for wakening properly. They also noted that additional researches are essential to gain a better understanding of the perfect mix of rhythm and melody that might offer the best results. Indeed, the research authors have noted that these results could have significant effects for people in various professions. Above all, Stuart noted waking up improperly, can lower work performance as long as four hours.

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