How do we make patient centricity a reality?

by Stephen Riddle

For years, the subject of fostering direct connections with patients has been highlighted by notable figures across the healthcare and life sciences industries as a key feature to be explored in future strategies.

The trouble is, when it comes to turning these impassioned ideas into actionable progress, patient centricity has generally been limited to commercial teams. Moreover, while the vocal support for such inclusive measures is strong, true strategic support and economic drivers have been somewhat lacking when it comes to giving patients a seat at the table.

However, this does appear to be rapidly changing. As patients grow more aware and informed about their healthcare decisions, they are taking an increasingly proactive role in the development and focus of their treatment. Advancements in technology have facilitated access to a wealth of previously untapped information on how diseases, symptoms, and treatments behave outside of traditional clinical settings.

Demand for more patient involvement has also started to inform regulatory processes, making it increasingly important for life science companies to incorporate the patient voice in product development.

As we approach a crucial point in the journey towards patient centricity, it is time to start turning the promise of inclusion into a reality.

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