Heavy Drinking Can Result in Loss of Memory without Losing Consciousness

by Helen Gonzales
Heavy Drinking Result in Loss of Memory

Blackout getting induced by alcohol is wrong. A better version of it will be the term, alcohol-induced amnesia. It can be a complete amnesia, wherein hours of experience and events can be totally missing from one’s memory. Now, in this situation, either it can be really impossible for anyone standing nearby or even for the inebriated person to know when the situation has occurred. Misunderstanding blackouts have really big implications. The phenomenon could help reconcile between something that a person might remember clearly about an incident that occurred decades ago and even a situation when that same person might deny by saying, nothing like that ever happened.

Dr. Richard Seitz, who is the chairman of the Boston University School of Public Health’s Department of Community Health Sciences mentioned certain aspects related to this topic. He was asked about the blackouts related to alcohol, where confusion existed as to what they are and what they are not. He said that a blackout is when one does not remember what happened. No observer will be able to tell when anyone is in the middle of memory loss. As far as the reaction to the use of the term ‘blackout’ was concerned, Dr. Richard said that it is nothing but a misconception, which says having a blackout is a feature of an alcohol use disorder, more commonly known as alcoholism. Then the doctor was asked about the selective type of temporary memory impairment. To this, the doctor said that it has the involvement of certain parts of the brain. Those are required to absorb whatever is happening inside and allow people to remember the incident later on. People might remember the incident after two or three minutes but are unable to remember after 10 hours or even after two days.

Finally the doctor was asked for his view on a statement, where a person said in response to the question, if he has ever passed out from drinking, that he has gone off to sleep but never blacked out, the Doctor said that passed out is not a medical term and usually used to describe too much drinking by people, which led them to fall asleep.

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