Health Officials Confirmed Coronavirus in First American Evacuee in San Diego

by Helen Gonzales
Health Officials Confirmed Coronavirus in First American Evacuee in San Diego

Reportedly, the first American evacuee from China is infected with the novel strain of coronavirus. Even more, officials have had mistakenly discharged the patient from a facility in San Diego. On Monday, local health executives have announced that the person underwent an initial test that revealed no infection. As per the reports, the coronavirus-infected person arrived in the previous week at the U.S.’ Marine Corps Air Station Miramar aboard a State Department aircraft. The plane came from Wuhan, the city of China. At the time, the evacuee patient was admitted to the San Diego hospital with three other people revealing probable symptoms of the virus. After that, a primary CDC diagnosis revealed that all four patients do not have the latest strain of coronavirus.

As per the statement of U.C. San Diego Health, after discharge from the facility, the four were reverted to the two-week federal isolation at Miramar. The facility added CDC executives have notified that further screenings of the patients have revealed one of the patients has coronavirus infection. Now, local health officials have shifted the newly-diagnosed coronavirus patient to the U.C. San Diego Health for monitoring. Even more, the patient will remain in the isolation until the CDC releases order for the discharge.

The newly-confirmed coronavirus case has brought the total number of infected instances across the U.S. to 13. Currently, the CDC is performing a comprehensive probe of the patient to know contacts. Even more, the health agency aims to estimate if those contacts are under a higher risk of exposure. According to the CDC, the highly infectious virus has a 14-day growth period and does not reveal any symptoms. Thus a person infected with the virus can unknowingly spread the infection to healthy people. Since the emergence of coronavirus in Wuhan, it has infected more than 42,000 people. Apart from this, it is liable for the death of around 1,000 people across the globe. Notably, China hosts the vast majority of lethal cases.

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