Health Innovators – Amy Abernethy and Jennifer Goldsack Part Two

by Stephen Riddle

Verily’s Amy Abernethy and DiMe’s Jennifer Goldsack return for a second conversation on data and healthcare, this one focusing on specific use cases and examples.

In part two, Jenn and Amy talk a little more about the work they do and list out some of the most promising use cases for data-driven approaches in healthcare including clinical research and chronic care.

In addition, Jennifer talks about the Digital Medicine Society’s database of digital endpoints and how they’re working to not only grow the database, but also to help spread awareness about the different measures and how to support the development and growth of endpoints in areas where there’s a deficit.

Amy looks back at her past in FDA to talk about how DiMe’s Playbook has helped to educate both regulators and innovators to get on the same page around data infrastructure.

Finally, Amy and Jenn offer some parting advice for anyone working on data implementation in the healthcare space.

If you missed part one of this conversation, you can catch it here. Otherwise, check out part two below.

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