Germany’s Environment Minister to Impose Ban On Plastic Shopping Bags

by Ernest Thomas
Germany’s Environment Minister to Impose Ban On Plastic Shopping Bags

Svenja Schulze, the German Environment Minister, says she aims to impose a ban on plastic bags. Many countries across the globe have banned plastic use, citing increasing pollution. On Sunday, Svenja announced the nation would execute a regulatory ban on plastic bags. Even more, the move follows voluntary deals with retailers in the country to combat their plastic bag utility. Currently, the government aims to limit usage that has been enough but has not yet offered benefits. Previously, in 2016, the ministry had signed a deal with businesses in the country. The move has revealed success in minimizing the use of plastic bags. It is because now consumers have to buy plastic bags.

Still, the minister is not happy with the results of agreements with German businesses and retailers. In her opinion, they could have better outcomes. Thus Svenja says her department will enroot the plastic ban. On the other hand, Germany’s Federal Environment Ministry has announced a 64% fall in plastic bag consumption since 2015. The minister has not revealed the exact timeframe for the plan. But she says the aim to get rid of the single-use society and reduce plastic use.

The move accounts a bit of a broader policy of the European parliament which aims to deal with plastic use. The main effort behind the strategy is to reduce pollution. Latest reports show there is a 90% fall in use of single-use plastic bags in England’s leading supermarkets. The reduced use is also a result of imposing 5p charge on plastic bags. Now the European Union aims to outlaw some other single-use plastic products like plastic straws, cotton buds, forks, etc., from 2021. Michael Gove, the environment secretary, has confirmed the ban after an open discussion had shown massive support from the public for the ban. Gove noted it is essential to take crucial and significant action to combat plastic pollution and save the biosphere. By imposing the ban, the ministry intends to leave mother nature in a better condition for the upcoming generations.

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