Germany Will Fine Parents Who Deny to Immunize Children for Measles

by Ernest Thomas
Germany Will Fine Parents Who Deny to Immunize Children for Measles

Germany’s parliament has backed to make measles vaccine compulsive for children. Even more, parents refusing to vaccinate their children will have to pay up to €2,500. Apart from this, the school or facility may ban such unvaccinated children. The German government has taken the step, citing, massively increasing measles cases across the globe. Reportedly, the government officials have announced the news on Thursday. Besides, the law is ready to take effect in the upcoming year, i.e., from March 2020. According to the latest rule, it is compulsory for all kids, attending pre-school, to present immunization proof. Notably, the law is also applicable for all children aging six and above.

The health officials have recorded more than 500 cases of measles in the current year. The move is a broader shift of the disease re-emerging in parts of the world where it was once destroyed. Now it is coming back because parents fail to immunize their children for the highly-contagious virus. Matt Hancock, UK’s health secretary, said, since September, the government was seeking extremely at to make immunization compulsive for school workers. Finally, the German federal parliament- Bundestag, has passed the bill after a months-long argument with doctors.

On the other hand, Jens Spahn, a German health minister, has defined the law as a protection of children. He said measles infection is a preventable threat in 2019. While some experts in Britain have opposed an identical move, but Mr. Hancock has said there remains a powerful argument for obligatory vaccinations. The latest law will also necessitate immunizations for people having birth year after 1970, and who work at places relevant to children. The rule applies to workers at schools, daycare centers as well as other public agencies. Meanwhile, the law does not apply to people having certain medical conditions. In that case, it is essential to have a certificate from a doctor. In the end, the rule will offer an opportunity for older kids to reveal their vaccination status. It will also necessitate public agencies to disclose parents who deny immunizing their kids.

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